Business Storage Made Simple

There are four main reasons which commonly cause businesses to rent self-storage:

  • Work Supplies

The single most common business use we see for Self-Storage, is to safely store business tools and materials which are accessed on a regular basis.     Landscapers,  contractors of all types, and cleaning companies are some of our most common customers.   But, the list doesn’t end there.   We have had geology equipment, large tree trimming trucks, stucco companies and even real estate staging firms use our facilities as a base of operation.   All these firms have one thing in common:   They need to access their units regularly.   To that end, they appreciate our expanded hours, our easy unit access, and the ability to drive in, grab their gear and a free cup of coffee and be on their way quickly.

  • Inventory

Whether your inventory has outgrown your existing office space, your garage, or even your home office, Self-Storage is a reasonable option to consider.   Often times when expanding into new lines of sales (or if your existing lines just keep growing), there might be a question as to whether or not that product line will continue to demand more space.   Often, you cannot be certain how much space you will need in a month or two.    Other times, a new line is so instantly successful that you need an immediate solution for an inventory problem.   In either case, Self-Storage meets your needs by giving you the space you need, when you need it and, with month-to-month leases, for just as long as you need it.

  • Staff Expansion

Frequently businesses need space for the desk of a new staff member.   Rather than relocating an entire office including computer networks, servers, filing cabinets and desks, into a larger space at a higher rent, it simply makes more sense to move what you are not immediately using offsite.   Obviously, the best solution is to discard what you no longer need such as broken furniture or outdated technology, but if you have business records or other items which you just cannot part with, Self Storage may just be your best solution to free up the extra space you might need to accommodate a new staff member.

  • Home-Office

This has been one of the more common uses of Self-Storage in the last three years.   Covid has many caused people to work from home.  Many offices which asked people to work from home, have moved staff offsite permanently to save on the cost of rent.  Our tenants frequently find that they need to move what is in that guest bedroom into storage to create a suitable home-office workspace.   If your home-office situation is going to be permanent, then it may pay to donate the contents of that spare bedroom instead of paying for long-term storage.   However, if the home-office situation is temporary, Self-Storage might be the perfect solution for you.

No matter which of these categories best describes your business application, Interstate U-Stor is available to meet your storage needs.

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