Customer Service

Have you ever said, “I just wish I could call and quickly speak to someone about my account”?

Have you ever thought, “Why do I have to through 5 menus just to speak with someone who has no clue who I am?”

When you rent your storage here in Reno, Nevada, why would you want to dial a call center in the Philippines or, almost as bad, Rumsford, Maine. Neither location has a clue how to meet your personal needs from over two thousand miles away. What are they going to tell you when you ask, “Can my Partner access my storage unit at 8:00 tonight even though they are not on the lease?”  More than likely they will answer, “What facility is this for?”

Customer service is really simple. It starts with going online where you will see the phone number for the facility where you rented your storage unit clearly noted on the contact page. You call the number and in, on average, 2.5 rings, you speak with the manager or assistance manager where your personal storage unit is located if you call from 8AM to 6PM. Customer service is when the person who answers the phone likely rented you the storage unit or took your last payment. Customer service is when the person who picks up the phone knows who you are without even looking at your photograph in their computer.

Good customer service is also when anyone who picks up the phone can help you, immediately, with your personal request because they know the facility. They know exactly where your unit is located in that facility. They know what the status of your unit door on the last lock check. Good customer service is when they know your payment status even when you cannot recall your unit number and, moreover, they are able to locate your unit on the camera system without missing a beat.

Simply put, customer service matters. You place your items in storage because you care about them. If you don’t call a facility and speak, right away, with the very person who will be your storage partner, you probably need to find a storage facility where you can.

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